Swtor updating slow Sex chat without signing in

I know I still have a long way to go before reaching max level.

i assume ubuntu comes with wine 1.4 and you'll use the fix exe for patch.....

Switchblade-UI – Software The software behind the Switchblade-UI is as hit-and-miss as the hardware.

The most reliable bit is by far Synaptics' configuration utility, which should look familiar to anyone who has configured a touchpad on a laptop.

do tell what you added to wine and stuff, cause i get stucked after char creation and can't get past that.

Hi, Okay, first thing I did was (I am operating a fresh install of 12.04.2 Ubuntu LTS) I installed my drivers (Ge Force 8600 GT) after updating of course, and then I did a sudo command to install wine; sudo apt-get install wine Once that was done, I went into Winetricks applied and then continued with the first page's guide. Crash/Problem 1# Opening the map freezes and crashes the game Crash/Problem 2# Scrolling over, touching or hovering over quest lines, menus or pointers on the map or mini map will crash the game Crash/Problem 3# Goes pretty slow in cities or around larger groups of people--not that big of a problem guys, the help is great so far!!

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At $250, the SWTOR Keyboard is far and away the most expensive keyboard available at major retailers.

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