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Includes pictures of labels by age so you can identify those vintage shirts.

These 2 Pendleton shirts were in great condition and were both a tall-and-big size.It takes some shaking out, but it’s actually good for your blanket to use it. Wool blankets are thick, protective, insulating, and most spills bead up and shake right off, thanks to lanolin and the other amazing and natural properties of wool.And for those of you who are worried about dampness, you can always check out our Pendleton roll-up blankets. Yes, Pendleton Hats are a perfect way to keep the summer sun out of your eyes. It’s fine to crash the picnic when you’re this friendly and cute.The popularity of the "Pendleton Blanket" began to spread to other tribes and settlers that were moving into the region.Tourists venturing to the area from the west also purchased the weavings as souvenirs to take home for themselves and family.

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