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In order to contact someone, you have to pay a .55 monthly membership, the 55 being an homage to the year the Anaheim park first opened.Does your dream date involve sharing a bowl of spaghetti that ends in an accidental kiss?Tavres told the mag, "I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am." Fair enough! That being said, can someone make a dating site for Olive Garden enthusiasts, please?

On some level, Tavres seems to think the site may help him with the bare necessities of finding a woman: The former Disney Railroad engineer admitted he had trouble getting dates.It's a small world after all, but not every Disney fanatic finds it easy to pair up with the Mickey or Minnie of his or her dreams.That's what Mouse is for: It's a new dating site for Disney fans that helps all Prince and Princess Charmings a chance to find their magical one and onlys.The “55” is a reference to 1955, the year that Disneyland, the company’s first theme park, opened in Anaheim, California.Upon joining the site, members are asked to indicate whether they’re just looking for a “Park Pal” or a more serious relationship.

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