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For example, if you wanted to promote a dating offer, it would be in your best interest to create a landing page that was built around your demographic audience and relates with their interests, versus sending the visitor directly to the main page or registration page of the dating site.Here is a good example of a dating landing page that would work well.

Rob and Gerry put together the Overnight Superaffiliate Program in order to help people who want to be more successful, or get a great start, in affiliate marketing.This opt-in form may look common today for many of you.The headline may seem mildly appealing, but remember, this was running in 2001, a time when you probably didn't even consider the concept of marketing online. The headline/bullet formulas & opt-in copy are still applicable today & it's worth noting that the reason why it's still applicable is because it's simply good copywriting applied to the web. He used evergreen concepts & successfully applied them on the internet.If you wanted to pre-sell a “Get More Dates” information product to John, You would want to first help him with insights in what is involved in solving the key problem of getting those dates.Of course, this definitely means knowing your target audience in the first place; presumably, people who might be interested in a “Get More Dates” product might have some low self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence, maybe a lack of social skills, etc.

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