Anna faris snl dating skit

If you missed the show, Pajiba posted all of the skits, and I’m including some highlights here.The Pratt Opening Monologue was notable not for content but for Pratt’s infectious enthusiasm.

This episode was mostly about Chris poking fun at his own physicality in hilarious ways.

Then they go on to sing about all the little fibs a woman needs to tell. And then when he's asleep you can run to Starbucks.

It's to the tune of "Tell Him" (remember that old song by The Exciters? You are not grossed out when he says the word panties. The song wraps up with one final lesson: Once you two do get serious, there are just a few more teensy little fibs you should tell just so he doesn't bail...

Prior to the opening monologue, the cold opening skit showed Chris Pratt playing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

a princess, a bad boy, a "booty" rapper and shady NFL players and even brought the romance!

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